The components not supplied are drawn as a dotted line.




Description Q.ty P/N 12V P/N 24V Price 12V Price 24V Note
01 Control Unit


 V02.55.002  V02.55.002      
02 Anti-icing Sensor


 24.01.036  24.01.036      
03 External Temperature Sensor


24.01.019  24.01.019      
04 Kit Connectors and Pins


 61.01.309  61.01.309    


      Complete Kit 01 Z01.55.003 Z01.55.004  

By pressing for more then 1 sec. this push-button the external temperature will be shown for approx 6 secs.

  By pressing for less then 1 sec. the following functions will activate for a predeterminated  time ( approx 60 seconds) :

- A/C ON

- Max blower speed

After 60 sec. the previous functions are reinstated. The user can easily change this time limit on the keyboard.



If the customer wants to use yours components, like sensors, DC motor, electronic blower speed, etc... please contact CoMeS Technical Department who will be able to supply the technical elements for their use.



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