CoMeS know-how has been acquired over 35 years of activity in the Automative field, and it has developed as follows:
  • First 10 years             Development and production of traditional climate systems for vehicles.
  • Following 10 years   Development and production of traditional climate systems for vehicles with Electronic climate Control Systems.
  • Last 15 years             Development and production of Electronnic Climate Control Systems for every kind of vehicle in the European Market.
The product lines that have been consolidated are:
  • Customer Line
  • Free Market Line
The Customer Line is oriented towards OEM Companies that need to complete their climate system with dedicated electronic controls.
CoMeS can also develop the following activities according to customers projects:
  • Functional Specifications supplied or created by our customer along with our support
  • Mechanical project development
  • Electromechanical project development
  • Software development and validation
  • Production of final and functional samples according to customer specifications
  • Project and Production FMEA
  • Project validation according to the customer specification with all the laboratory tests performed ( partially also by accredited external laboratories), in particular those that are related to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Production with 100% final test
  • Many developed products use CAN Bus or K-line or LIN... technology
Therefore, the strongest feature of the company is the global solution and is it the ability to develop products in accordance with specific customer requirements because we are aware that different applications are needed for different products.
If you are interested in further details concerning your specific area of application please contact our technical department .
The Free Market Line, with product lines being constantly updated, it is offered on the Market to all interested customers, opposed to the Customer Line which is exclusively sold to those customers for the product has been developed.

A huge range of products are available to meet all the of needs of our customers for
all kind of vehicles, such as:
Private cars, off roads, vans, ambulances, minibuses, coaches, tractors, commercial and special vehicles.

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CoMeS is a certificated company
with Quality System ISO 9001:2008